Greenlandic students in internships at ÍSTAK

Greenlandic students in internships at ÍSTAK


In early October, two students from Greenland started their 6 month internship at ÍSTAK. The students study at the Greenland School of Minerals & Petroleum. Usually they would undergo their internships in Greenland at a mining or construction company but this year that was impossible.

Jørgen Petersen, 25 from Narsaq, and Jan Olsen, 26 from Nanortalik, have both completed two years at the school. But the program requires them to go out to work to acquire new knowledge, experience and capacity. Generally the students from the school undergo two years of vocational training at construction or mining companies in Greenland. This year that was impossible so the school contacted ÍSTAK. ÍSTAK operates in similar conditions as are known in Greenland, namely where there is much cold, hard winter and windy.

ÍSTAK welcomed the request of the school and  a partnership between Greenland School of Minerals & Petroleum and ÍSTAK has now been set up. ÍSTAK specializes in work on power stations, ports, tunnels, road and bridge construction. ÍSTAK is therefore the perfect venue for students at the school to gain experience.

Photos from the school and the internship

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