Burial Chamber for Blönduós finished

Burial Chamber for Blönduós finished


Since the end of this summer ÍSTAK has been working on the expansion of a special burial chamber for mixed waste for North Iceland. In fact, this is the second phase of the project for the burial chamber in Stekkjarvík. The buyer is Norðurá bs.

The project went well and was finished two weeks ahead of schedule. According to the contract the project was estimated to finish on the 10th of December but the final appraisal of the project took place on the 24th of November.


The project involved in digging, forming and finishing the burial chamber that serves both North Iceland and the Westfjords. The Burial Chamber 1 was about to fill up and ISTAK also handled the displacement of material from that chamber to the second one.

It is estimated that further enlargements will be conducted in about 7-8 years.

Photos from the burial chamber

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