A new building for its 40th anniversary

A new building for its 40th anniversary


In 2017, SÁÁ – The National Center of Addiction Medicine, will celebrate its 40th anniverary. Opening of the new treatment center will be the highpoint of the anniversary year. ÍSTAK is responsible for the construction of this new and perfect treatment center for SÁÁ. The building is in their country at Vík in Kjalarnes.

ÍSTAK is the main contractor for the new building. ÍSTAK is therefore responsible for all earthwork, construction and finishing of the building. In February 2017 the exterior of the building shall be finished.

The new and tailor-made treatment center for all aftertreatment will be taken into use at the 40th anniversary of the organization in October 2017. At the same time treatments programs will no longer be held at Staðarfell where they have been undergone for 37 years or from 1980.

Photos from the building site

i-karlabyggingu-saa ur-krana-3-saa SÁÁ