ÍSTAK has operated a quality management system since 2007. The system is operated in accordance with and meets the requirements of the quality standard ISO 9001. The quality system or the operations manual, as it is called, contains nearly 300 documents that are divided into three main categories.

The documents of the operation manual are divided into three main categories: One contains the procedures required by the ISO 9000 standard and another contains procedures for core and support business processes:

01 Strategy and structure

02 Procedures

03 System Components

Subcategories and support documents:

04 Job descriptions

05 Service descriptions for support departments

06 Protocols and guidelines

08 Forms

Quality control of the work place

A quality layout is created for each project, which takes into account the requirements of the contract. The quality layout defines the communication processes between the buyer and contractor, documentation and distribution of those at the workplace. A quality control plan is issued for each project, which provides an overview of the issues that need special monitoring or be tested. The control plan also indicates how to store the results of monitoring and testing.

The quality improvement program covers all activities regardless of whether they are carried out by the main contractor or subcontractors. A Quality Manager is appointed who is responsible for the implementation of the whole quality layout.

CE certification

In ÍSTAK’s headquarters is a casthouse where precast concrete units for various projects are casted. In July 2013 a new regulation took effect, which requires all construction products that fall under European Standards (EN) or Technical Approval (ETA), need to have a CE marking. In 2014 ÍSTAK’s casthouse received a CE certification from BSI in Iceland i.e. the Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control.

ÍSTAK’s Environmental, Health and Safety Management System

ÍSTAK’s Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (EHS) has been in operation since 2003 and in early 2008 a new security guide was issued. ÍSTAK’s EHS management system is part of the company’s quality control system. The system contains the safety and environmental policy of the company.

A safety manual is issued for each project. The role of the security manual is to be a guideline for the project and preserve documents and records related to the EHS issues of the project.

Environmental, Health and Safety Management Issues at the Workplace

In the beginning of each project a safety committee is established. Its role is to complete the safety manual, and enforce security.Before the project is kicked off a risk assessment is done by the Worksite Management and the Safety Representative. ÍSTAK’s Safety Representative inspects the project and issues a inspection report where improvement issues are assigned to executives, which need to close these issues prior to a certain time. Employees get a promotion of work safety, safety manual and watch ÍSTAK’s safety video.

All accidents are reported to the client and if applicable to the Administration of Occupational Safety and Health in Iceland (AOSH). All accidents at ÍSTAK are recorded and an internal event report is made that describes the cause of the accident, correctives and preventive action. ÍSTAK encourages all employees to report all incidents on specific forms, these are then registered and assigned to a qualified employee for implementation within a specific time limit.

ÍSTAK’S Quality Policy

ÍSTAK’s policy is to deliver projects on time and with agreed quality and customer satisfaction. Create a safe working environment for employees and secure safety. Employ technology educated managers for project management, who have extensive experience and know how to respond to changing conditions. Promote team spirit, take good care of workers and allow them to develop professionally so that accomplishments will be paramount. To apply a quality management system, build procedures and management practices that create stability and are flexible and effective. Create customer’s trust by fulfilling their obligations and expectations.

Security and Work Safety Policy

ÍSTAK’s policy is to plan employee’s work and work environment so that they will not be absent from work because of work accidents.
We intend to achieve these results by developing and maintaining a report system for management of workplace safety. Make risk assessments of the activities undertaken by the company. To employ educated safety and health issue managers at every workplace. To employ trained staff who provide workplace counseling and instruction in occupational safety and security. Record accidents and incidents. Analyze accident causes and incidents and reform necessary procedures to prevent recurrence of similar events. Provide necessary training for employees so that they can operate without endangering their own health or others.

Environmental Policy

ÍSTAK’s policy is to treat the environment with respect and do not cause more stress on ecosystems, individual species or local areas than is permitted and envisaged in implementation of particular projects.

We intend to achieve this result by introducing ÍSTAK’s rules governing the environment and responsible environmental behavior. Introducing employees to projects that have undergone environmental impact assessment as well as projects that have not undergone environmental impact assessments due to protected areas or natural or other issues that they project can have impact on. Plan purchases so that they cause minimal environmental impact. Sort the waste at the workplaces. Use of renewable energy sources when possible.