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Road Construction at Hellisheiði

Road Construction at Hellisheiði

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January 1, 1970

The project – Road Construction at Hellisheiði – involves the widening of the highway on the 14.8 km section of Hellisheiði from Hamar Gils Junction to the roundabout at Hveragerði. As well as making a  1.8 km long road to the Skíðaskáli in Hveradalir from Hamragilsvegur.  Included in the project is laying four subways under the Ring Road made from steel plates and a concrete duct for the installation of Reykjavik Energy on Skíðaskálavegur. The road will a 2 + 1 road over the hill, 2 + 2 road on Kambar or four lanes. The road will have separate driving lanes, with centered road barriers.

Key figures:

  • Landfilling: 150,000 m3
  • Base: 41,000 m3
  • Cement Fest base: 110,000 square meters
  • Asphalt Injection: 172,000 square meters
  • Dual coverings: 13,000 square meters
  • Finishing ramp: 200,000 square meters
  • Completion areas: 200,000 square meters
  • Barrier: 16.0000 meters
  • Adding steel plates: 230 meters


  • Vegagerðin
  • Orkuveita Reykjavíkur
  • Gagnaveitan


  • August 2013 – November 2015


  • Veghönnun: Vegagerðin
  • Hönnun ræsa: Verkís

ÍSTAK’s Role:

  • Main contractor